Development Guide

<aside> ⚠️ Prifina uses Yarn as its package manager default, so it’s highly recommendable to continue using it to avoid problems caused by mixing multiple package managers.


<aside> 💡 Prifina hooks will come already integrated inside the starter repos


There are two types of starter repos: widget-starter and app-starter. Choose the appropriate one based on what you are planning to develop.

Development Stages

The process of building apps using the starter repos is divided into multiple stages allowing you to track and secure your work from stage to stage. If something goes the wrong way you can always start again fresh from the stage you are in without having to start from scratch.

Application development

Widget Development


Starter repos are monorepo environments, containing everything you need to start building your apps and widgets.

You will find predefined starter-app package for you to explore, start developing in it immediately, or use it as a playground to test out your ideas.

<aside> 💡 Idea of the starter-app is to serve as a test app and help you get through branch step instructions available to you to find out what this starter is capable of.

In case you are already familiar with these kinds of environments, or this is not your first widget or app you can skip the guide and go right to Add your package manually section and start from there.


Add your package manually

You can add your app/package manually inside monorepo.

Use lerna command from the root of your stater repo.

yarn lerna create my-app       # lerna create command